Everything looks so great, we just can't wait to get there and see it all with our own eyes. We have been so happy and confident, knowing that you are there overseeing everything. Thank you for your wonderful attention to detail.

A happy homeowner

To remain safe from the unpredictable and harsh weather of the winter months, Parker Construction tented this entire work site to renovate the exterior of this 6,500 square foot residence and build a1,500 square foot addition which created a new a master wing. Also erected was an unattached three car garage set into a reconfigured driveway.

Gorgeous back property landscaping was designed with spa, outdoor fieldstone fire pits, and water features that can be enjoyed looking out onto Narragansett Bay. Because the tented site provided a weather proof environment, not a single construction day was lost, and the owners were able to move in just in time for the warm spring months.